NARNIA: The Musical is a dramatization of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the first and most famous of acclaimed British author C.S. Lewis’s world-renowned series, The Chronicles of Narnia.

It tells of four English schoolchildren – brothers and sisters – sent away from London during World War II to stay in the manor house of their uncle – who stumble upon (and through) a wardrobe into the magical kingdom of Narnia, held in the power of the White Witch, whose evil spell has frozen the land, so that it is “always winter – and never Christmas.” They are embraced by the talking animals, the good Narnians who resist the Witch’s evil and await the return of Aslan – the Great Lion, who is their rightful ruler. Aslan, who has long been absent from his land (so that some have even doubted his existence) has – at last! – returned, to confront the Witch, and the children are soon caught up in a fierce struggle of good versus evil.

In this spellbound landscape, filled with creatures of myth and fable, the children face temptation and fear, but learn deep lessons of courage, unselfishness, and wisdom that help them grow in spirit and prepare them for life in our world.

Narnia wants to sing, and from the excitement of the opening number “Doors and Windows”, to the the poetry of “Narnia (You Can’t Imagine),” to the stirring “To Make the World Right Again,” your spirits will soar with all those in this enchanted land.



The great lion of Narnia. Strong but gentle. (Baritone/Tenor)

White Witch:
Cunningly sweet one moment then strikingly wrathful the next; she is the evil queen of Narnia who seizes the throne from Aslan. (Soprano/Belt)

Peter Pevensie: The oldest of the four Pevensie children who venture to Narnia. Very protective of his younger siblings. Noble and courageous. (Baritone/Tenor)

Susan Pevensie: The second oldest of the four Pevensie children who venture to Narnia. Believes in logic over fantasy. Gentle and motherly to her siblings. (Soprano/Belt)

Edmund Pevensie: The second youngest of the four Pevensie children who venture to Narnia. A frustrated brother who briefly turns his back on his siblings. (Tenor)

Lucy Pevensie: The youngest of the four Pevensie children who venture to Narnia. Sincere and sweet, she leads her family in the adventure. (Soprano)

Fenris Ulf: Head of White Witch’s Secret Police. A dark character. (Baritone/Tenor)

Mr. Beaver: A silly, but helpful, beaver. Strong comedic acting and a Cockney accent. (Baritone)

Mrs. Beaver: Wife of Mr. Beaver. Motherly and good-natured. Strong comedic acting and a Cockney accent. (Mezzo)

Dwarf: Minion of the White Witch. A clumsy dwarf. (Baritone/Tenor)

Father Christmas/Professor: Santa Claus character. Kind and welcoming. Gives the children tools to fight the White Witch. (Baritone/Tenor)

Mrs. McCready: The housekeeper at Marbleton Manor. A flustered, busy woman. (Non-singing role)

Mr. Tumnus: A kind and charming faun. (Baritone)

White Stag:
The elusive Narnian creature everybody longs to catch for the good luck it brings. (Non-singing role; dancing role)

Minotaur: The general of the White Witch’s army.

Cruelies: Evil characters who fight for the witch in the final battle and stand by her side when she faces Aslan.

Wolves: Wolves who initially fought for the White Witch who switch sides and fight for Aslan instead.

Good Narnians:
Narnians who fight for Aslan in the final battle and stand by his side when he faces the witch.

Evil Narnians:
Narnians who turn on Aslan and fight for the witch in the final battle.

Forest Creatures:
Creatures that live in the forest including Pegasus, Unicorn, Centaur, Gryphon, Rhonotaur, Satyr, Minobaur, Pignoids, Pigmen, Faun, and Marshwiggle.

Older Peter
Older Susan
Older Lucy

*Some characters will need to speak with a British accent. Mr. and Mrs. Beaver will need to speak with a Cockney accent.