Spring 2024

Thank you so much to our “High School Musical, Jr.” cast! We had record-breaking 70 STUDENTS come out and audition for us, and we could not be more excited to get started on this journey with all of you! 

We know that, with cast lists, comes a myriad of emotions. Some of you may be over-the-moon excited, while others may be disappointed and frustrated. We understand, and we have been in your position. We encourage you to feel all of the feelings that come along with something like this, to process them in a healthy way, and to remember that your position on the cast list does not define your worth or your value. You are loved, you are important, and you all should be incredibly proud of the hard work you put in this weekend!

Every student, every role, and every group is important to the success of our show. We cannot do this without each and every one of you, and we are beyond excited to get started in March!

Alex, Aaron, Jazmin, Andrea, Hannah, and Meg

Cast List

Troy Bolton – Timothy Truchon
Gabriella Montez – Taylor Yocco
Sharpay Evans – Audrey Gahart
Ryan Evans – William Schook
Taylor McKessie – Avery Meachum
Kelsi Nielsen – Josie Belflower
Coach Bolton – Mitchell McCall
Ms. Darbus – Tabitha Ferencevich


Chad Danforth – Christian Yocco
Zeke Baylor – Nicolas Lopez
Brinnly Czarnecki
Jessica Garity
Mia Lopez
Austin Zirbel


Martha Cox – Nina Fick
Ms.Tenney/Moderator – Jocelyn Van de Water
Jack Scott – Elias Brandon
Drum Major/Kratnoff – Titus Brandon
Elizabeth Andrews
Riley Boyer
Katie Brochausen
Clara Buisch
Grace Elstro
Jameson Eppinger
Daphne Gertmann
Maribel Gomez
Benjamin Groth
Lauralie Groth
Milo Hodges
Wesley Lohr
Sophia Mendizabal
Peter Owens
Elizabeth Schwandt
Gabrielle Shultz
Jaxon Stratton


Julia Bowers
Mia Bresloff
Adelynn Grigg
Elaina Harris
Chloe Kaiser
Brooklyn Laessig
Kiera Pflederer
Hannah Wiese


Cathy – Charlee Gwin
Susan – Elena Lopez
Cyndra – Leila Mayew
James – Kieran Rightler
Jasmine Belflower
Quin Bickle
Nora Buisch
Jayda Capadarco
Breanne Cuthbertson
Ryan Gertmann
Natalya Groth
Elyana Inclan
Elsie Miller
Cora Servi
Makayla Severson
Lydia Shultz
Gracelynn Stratton
Kristine Stratton
Gabriella Wiess


Norah Ambrosini
Amelia Bickle
Alaina Christy
Nora Eppinger
Eleanor Owens
Georgia Sorenson
Tessa Stillman
Bethany Wiese


Solo 1 – Titus Brandon
Solo 2 – Charlee Gwin
Solo 3 – Elena Lopez
Solo 4 – Leila Mayew