Winter 2023-2024 Class Registration is now OPEN!

National Youth Theater is known for providing high-quality theater education. Their instructors are experienced professionals, which ensures that students receive the highest level of training and guidance. Whether you’re a beginner or have some theater experience, NYT classes are designed to help you develop your acting, singing, dancing, and overall performance skills. All NYT programs culminate in an end-of-session showcase, which gives students the chance to apply what they’ve learned in front of an audience, gaining real-world experience and building confidence on stage! We know that performing on stage can be nerve-wracking, but it’s also an effective way to build confidence and overcome stage fright. NYT’s supportive environment and experienced instructors can help you grow as a performer and an individual.

All classes will take place on Monday nights from 6:00-7:00pm beginning November 27th, 2023 through February 12th, 2024 at Harbor Rock Tabernacle in Racine, Wisconsin. There will be no class on December 25th or January 1st. Class will culminate in a short showcase on Monday, February 12th, where all students will get the chance to show what they’ve learned in front of family and friends! Showcase time and other details TBD.

Class cost is $40 per month ($120 total), and will be automatically billed to the primary payment method on your account on December 1st, January 1st, and February 1st.

Musical Theater Vocal Technique (ages 6-7): If you’re looking for a class for 6-7 year olds, it’s a great age to start exploring their creativity and talents! Voice classes for kids can be a fantastic way to help them develop their vocal skills, boost their confidence, and have fun expressing themselves through singing. It’s a wonderful opportunity for them to learn the basics of singing, proper breathing techniques, and even some simple vocal exercises. They’ll have a blast while discovering their unique voices! Teacher: Melissa Grigg

Disney Voice (ages 8-15): In this class, you’ll learn to bring beloved characters to life through their iconic voices, master the art of storytelling, and discover the secrets behind creating those enchanting Disney songs. It’s a chance to embrace your inner performer, unleash your creativity, and have a ton of fun. Get ready to make dreams come true with your voice! taking a voice class can be an amazing opportunity to explore and develop your vocal abilities. You’ll learn proper breathing techniques, vocal warm-ups, and exercises to strengthen your voice. Whether you’re interested in singing, public speaking, or just improving your overall vocal presence, a voice class can help you unlock your full potential and gain confidence in expressing yourself. It’s a journey of self-discovery and a whole lot of fun! Teacher: Jenna Gonzalez

Drama: The Princess Bride (ages 10-19): NYT’s Princess Bride acting class is like stepping into a fairytale! You’ll learn to bring the characters to life, master those unforgettable lines, and experience the magic firsthand. It’s a chance to embrace your creativity, make new friends, and have an absolute blast. Don’t miss out on this enchanting opportunity! In this acting class, you’ll learn a variety of things! You’ll explore techniques to express emotions, develop characters, and improve your stage presence. It’s a chance to enhance your acting skills, boost your confidence, and have a blast while honing your craft! Teacher: Olivia Hubing

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