At least one parent (or other family member) is required to serve on a team, contributing a minimum of 25-30 hours pre-show. A parent (or family member) is also expected to be available during ALL rehearsals during Tech Week and ALL shows during the show weekend(s) to serve as their committee requires (but guaranteed to be able to attend at least one show as a patron). All families are also required to help “strike” (move out from) the theater after the last show on the final Sunday (many hands make light – and quick – work). Everyone must participate to make these amazing shows happen!

Please indicate your top 4 pre-show teams and top 3 show-week teams. No duplicate choices, please! Consider your God-given gifts and talents (i.e., sewing, carpentry, hospitality, artistry, administration, etc.) when making your selections.  The success of the show will be profoundly impacted by your contribution in the areas of your skills.

We will do our best to put you on the team of your choice, but that is not always possible. Please see a description of each team below.

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Please check all that you would be willing to help with.

Parent Team Descriptions

Please note that some pre-show teams do hold over a few members for show week.  Even so, please do indicate a different show-week choice. You will be notified of your team assignment at the first parent meeting. Each team’s schedule is set by the team leader.


Sets:​ Purchasing materials, building and painting required set pieces. This team generally meets on Saturdays during rehearsal times to build and paint. There are times when individual pieces can be made at home, depending on the size. Artistic painters needed here towards the end of rehearsal weeks, so even if you aren’t a builder, painters always welcome!

Props​: Purchasing, borrowing and making props needed for each scene. Some members of this team will be assigned to backstage props area during show week.  Props team members are expected to help the team leader return things to storage, and store them in their proper location, marked clearly, after the show wraps.

Costumes:​ Creating the production’s costumes in accordance with the vision given by the NYT costumer who will coordinate with the Costume Team Leader. Assignments can be anything from purchasing material, cutting, hemming, hot gluing, crafting, ironing, hand-sewing, to sewing complete pieces. Sewing ability NOT required for all on the team, but if you are a seamstress, this is a wonderful way to enhance the production with your creative ability!

Hair and Makeup:​ Working with your Makeup Team Leader to create the hair and makeup for the show according to the vision given by the Director. Some will remain on this team for show week.

Hospitality/Check-in/Clean Up:​ Hospitality Team handles check-in of cast members at rehearsals, and arranges lunches on Saturdays by pre-arranging lunch menu, collecting orders, collecting money, picking up and delivering lunch and purchasing paper goods. On the days they are assigned, they will also serve as clean-up crew. This duty entails doing a sweep of the rehearsal facility to collect lost and found items, resetting chairs and tables, vacuuming floors, emptying trash. The Hospitality Team Leader will make a schedule for the team to follow.

Marketing:​ Marketing of the production, including but not exclusive to hanging show posters in local establishments, “Paint Your Wagon” (using stencils to paint show information on cast families’ cars), facilitating cast contests for tickets and ad sales, helping the Production Manager facilitate the Director’s Party, and any other assignments the Marketing Manager deems worthy of getting the word out!

Photography:​ Working at the direction of the Marketing Manager to take costumed character shots and candid shots during rehearsals and shows. You do NOT need to be a professional photographer! Just love taking pictures!

Cast Wrangler/Set-up: ​Cast Wranglers are parents who are assigned on a schedule by the Wrangler Team Leader to help oversee cast members during rehearsal times, as well as assisting the Artistic Team with quiet reminders and crowd control, if needed. This team builds a rapport with the cast and therefore they will be also considered for the Green Room Team during show week. Team members will also have assigned days to arrive a few minutes early to help move tables, chairs, and equipment, and help the Production Manager prepare so that the facility is ready for rehearsal to start at the scheduled time.

Silent Auction​: Led by the Auction Team Leader, this team gathers donations for auction baskets and/or single items to be auctioned off at each show. Team members solicit local businesses AND encouraging donations by cast member families. They also prepare the baskets and displays for show-week and attend the auction tables during shows.  Some or all of these team members may stay on the team for both pre-show and show weeks.


At least one parent is to be available for the ENTIRE show weekend. Parents are able to buy tickets and see one show, but otherwise are expected to be available for their team, if needed.

Prayer Table:​ NYT offers an area during show weekend for any who desire prayer. The table is attended by cast member parents who feel led to be warriors for those seeking prayer. A display with Bibles and notecards for requests is set up in an inviting way to say, “Your needs matter to us too and we want to approach the Father on your behalf as well.”

Box Office: ​Responsible for selling of tickets to walk-in customers and family members, organizing the “Will Call” table, (tickets bought but not yet received by the attendee; parents will print out and put in an envelope with the receiver’s name on envelope and left at Will Call.)  All team members must be available to work all shows, except for the one that they have purchased tickets to see.

Usher/Cleanup: Under the leadership of the Usher Team Leader, this team will be responsible for seating patrons at the shows, as well as handing out playbills. They will learn the layout of the theater and help with seat disabled customers. This team will also rotate to help clean up the theater after each dress rehearsal and show.

Concessions: Helping to set up snack bar area, restock, and work behind counter during shows.

Standing O Gram Table: ​Standing O’s are messages sent backstage to cast members by their families and friends that attend the show. Candy can also be purchased to send back. Table attendants simply organize and sell grams and have runners take them backstage when enough are gathered.

Backstage: ​This team works in different facets backstage such as sets movers, sets repairs, ropes and drops, spot lights, stage managers, etc.

Mic Wranglers: ​Responsible for organizing mic table, distributing mics to assigned cast members, making sure all mics returned each night. They should also plan to be present for move-in to the theater to help restock and change batteries and organize mics.

Costumes: Helps with administrative duties of costumes forms and deposits; organizing costumes for dress rehearsals and shows. Assist cast with quick-changes; help other cast members, as needed. Make minor repairs to costumes.  Spot clean stains during the week, take a few pieces home for laundering during the week. Take some costumes home at the end of the show for laundering; return clean costumes to the team leader or to storage. Team members are expected to help the costumer put things away in their proper location in storage after the show wraps.

Green Room: Oversees the cast members when they are not onstage, watching for cues and helping with an overall sense of organization.